Flights to Murrieta, CA: Soak in California's Fastest-Growing City

Ready to trade your ordinary view for the scenic panoramas of Murrieta, California? Of course, you are! You wouldn't be here scanning this page for cheap flights, flight booking, and the lowest airfare otherwise! Here's your one-stop guide to flying and buying tickets to Murrieta, delivered with a dash of humor for good measure.

Flights online

Now, Murrieta doesn't boast its own commercial airport, but fear not! The nearby Ontario International Airport (ONT) is just a 50-mile jaunt away, and San Diego International Airport (SAN) is a slightly longer drive of about 70 miles. It's nothing a good podcast or audiobook can't make bearable, right? Besides, remember, the best gifts come in the longest journeys!

Ontario International is home to a flock of airlines, all eager to welcome you on board. There's Southwest Airlines, Delta, and United Airlines to name a few. With a myriad of round trip flights, direct flights, and even last-minute flights, they are your partners in crime for your adventure to Murrieta. SAN, on the other hand, is also chock-full of airlines like Alaska Airlines, Frontier, and Spirit, offering a plethora of flights to Murrieta.

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The journey begins

Once your flight lands and you step foot in the heart of California, the real journey begins. In Murrieta, the Riverside Transit Agency (RTA) is your trusty steed. Hop on Route 23 for a joyride down California Oaks Road, or Route 27 to discover the treasures along Murrieta Hot Springs Road. And remember, when in Murrieta, it's "The RTA Way or the Highway"!

For those with a more adventurous spirit, you can gallop along the city’s thoroughfares on a bike, or even on foot. Remember, they don’t call it “Beautiful Murrieta” for nothing!

Now that we've filled you in on the how-tos of flying to Murrieta, what are you waiting for? Grab those flight deals, book those airline tickets, and embark on your journey to this California gem! Remember, we're just a click away for all your flight booking needs to Murrieta. Adventure awaits, travelers! Pack your bags and let's jet, set, go!